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Tutorial 101; Classic Chanel Hand Bag

What a beautiful Saturday evening!! Looked like it was going to rain. By mid morning it cleared up to this gorgeous sunny afternoon. With this entry I post my first step-by-step instructional edit on how to make a Classic Chanel Flap Hand Bag Cake.

Lets get to it!

Two days prior I kneaded black and yellow fondant- the colours I required, and stored them back in their pots. This saves a-lot of time! I learn't this tip on the Satin Ice tour with Julie Bashore.
Do it! It truly does save so much time!!

One day prior I baked a 9" cake.Cut and stacked 3 tiers. Each tier was 2.5 inches x 1.5 inches. Carved and covered in butter-creme. I inserted three dowels to give support to the structure. Please refer below;

I made the Chanel logo, and the chain links to use with the purse straps. I mixed the fondant with a little bit of Gum tragacanth to speed up drying time. I also lay the chain links over my paint palettes to give some curvature. This will give the illusion of a life-like chain link. You will see this later when connecting the links together. I also linked the loops in twos. This cuts time when connecting the links. You will find this out later while constructing your cake. I made over 70 links. You will get a fair idea of how many you will require when building your cake (size of purse).

                   The above photo is of the two loops made for the chain link to begin from and end.

  Cut each length of shoe string yellow fondant to the same size when constructing the links

The following day I measured the cake. Rolled and cut the black fondant to size. I made two pieces. One to cover the back and the other overlapping like a flap at the front. Refer below;

Using a ruler and plastic fork. (I couldn't find mine, but a stitching wheel can be used here. It's much faster).
I scored over the quilt design.

I then carefully turned the fondant to the underside and rolled the edges right round using a ball tool. This gives a "sewed seam" effect.
Carefully lift and lay the fondant over the cake. Lightly pressing into the cake in some places to give a sewn effect to the purse (slight bubble, like a real bag).

Below is an example of the front flap.

Leaving the covered cake to stand. I began to paint the links and Chanel detailing. I painted them using 24K Gold dust mixed with Rose spirit. You can use Vodka in place of rose spirit. I use rose spirit because our household loves to drink! I never have any on stand by when I need it! lol I don't have a photo of this! I was just having too much fun!! You get the drift...
Once the details have completely dried (and the cake has settled by this time). Attach the details! I used edible sugar glue. Pouring your glue to use, onto a palette/dish will let it go further. Double dipping your pottle will contaminate your liquid (this also goes for food colour pastes, and spirits etc).
My advice is to look after your supplies and apply good hygiene practice.
Now, back to it... Make leather straps from black fondant about half an inch thick and two inches long. These will now attach (thread) your links through.
Pinch each 'leather' strap at each end and loop through your 2-link chain. See example below;

Attach each link together. Draping a chain. Gluing along the 'bag' and base like you would if you were to create a drape for a window display. The final photo below shows you what I mean..

You can add other details if you wish. I chose to keep it simple, to let the bag say it all. I made a swurved name tag and three black petunia flowers. That's it!
There you have it! A Classic Chanel Flap Hand Bag Cake!

Enjoy making this. One of many future tutorials me thinks! I am off to bed.. Its now Sunday!

Happy Baking :)

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It's a Kitty Cat Pink Party!!!


With special thanks to all of our friends who made this day one to remember. Hannah, thank you again for the beautiful  photos. Amani's Birthday album is looking pretty fine! :)

More images can be viewed on our website and flickr link;